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Drawing on over 40 years CPA experience, we've put together a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), with answers, about accounting / CPA-related topics:

* What can John Thomas, CPA  do for me concerning state taxes?

* What is the difference between John Thomas, CPA  and other CPA firms?

* What are my options if I have not paid taxes?

* May I review John Thomas’ curriculum vitae?


What can John W. Thomas, CPA  do for me concerning state taxes ?

The states have the law on their side, and are beginning to have manpower and technology on their side as well. All you have on your side is time – if you act quickly to limit your liability before any such states contact your business.

We can help your company initiate contact and obtain amnesty from many states, as well as refunds of excess taxes paid to your "home state," thereby greatly reducing your multi-state liability for past-year taxes, penalties, and interest.


What is the difference between John W. Thomas, CPA  and other CPA firms?

We are a small firm specializing in quality, personalized service for small and mid-sized companies. We have expertise and proven success in business tax planning, tax filing, and the solving of complicated tax problems in all fifty states and Canada. Our experience can save your business thousands of dollars and a nightmare of administrative burden, leaving you to focus on what you do best, running a successful business.


The first need you have is to properly assess your tax liability before the government contacts you. Tax laws vary state by state (and sometimes city by city) and can be very complicated. Once the government contacts you about a liability, you are at their mercy as to time schedule, payment terms, etc. If you assess your situation and contact them first, you have bargaining power that could save even a small company tens of thousands of dollars. Click here for more information on Tax Amnesty Agreements.

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May I review John Thomas’ curriculum vitae?
Sure, please see below.



  • Rhodes College and Memphis College of Accountancy
  • Tennessee Certificate as Certified Public Accountant


  • Current member of the Peer Review Committee of the Tennessee State Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • Past member of the State Council of the Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants.Past President of the Memphis Chapter of the Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants


  • Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Member of the Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants


  • Over 40 years experience in the practice of public accounting; including filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), forms 10Q’s, 10K’s, S-1’s, and S-18’s.Management of data processing company for fifteen years with a staff of five personnel
  • A founding partner for 27 years in one of the largest, local CPA firms and was managing partner for seven of those years; a founding partner in a smaller, local firm for 9 years; currently operating as a sole proprietor
  • Microcomputers using various accounting and tax software


*Accounting and Auditing Experience:

Service Industry is a major focus of my accounting and auditing experience such as hotels, motels, restaurants, and transportation industry, forensic accounting, office buildings, with the remainder in construction, manufacturing, not-for-profit organizations, and retail industries. Recent engagements includes expert testimony in lawsuits and an extensive forensic accounting investigation in an EPA lawsuit against a client; accounting and auditing services for not-for-profit organizations including a seminary, school and churches; and audits of two manufacturing plants located in the northeast United States. One client required me to travel extensively to West Germany to set up accounting operations for their expansion.


*Banking Experience:

Included “surprise” financial audits of banks, review of underlying collateral on loans, representation of an insurer/underwriter on a 20 million dollar loss claim filed by a bank, which required extensive investigation into loan procedures and evaluation where fraud was suspected.

*Governmental Experience:

Included the nine (9) years I was “County Auditor” for Shelby County, Tennessee which involved: annual financial and compliance audits of the Shelby County General Government, Board of Education, Health Department, Hospitals, Penal Farm, Retirement System, HUD Developments, Bond Funds, Special Funds, and all elected officials.


    *Family, church, golf, hunting, and singing.


.“When experience counts…you can count on John.”

CPA in Memphis TN – help with IRS tax problems, auditing, forensic accounting & more.