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When looking for an accountant and/or a CPA, people usually want answers from the CPA to their thoughts that might include:

  • Expertise in my field of business or situation
  • Help in getting a bank loan
  • Keep me out of trouble and help me get through the compliance and mundane issues
  • Experience in mergers and acquisitions
  • Or experience that matches my needs


Below are excerpts of letters from several clients which might be of help in your consideration of our firm:


“I’ve known John Thomas for approximately 25 years. In that time, I’ve come to recognize him as one of the finest men I’ve ever known. He is the personification of ethics and professionalism and is, over all, just a very 'nice guy'!! Additionally, his knowledge and expertise in business and accounting is unparalleled! His is always the final word in every business endeavor we have ever attempted.”

Mike S.
Equity National – Memphis, TN


“The successes that we have been able to accomplish during the last 20 years, in large measure, are directly attributable to your advice and expert guidance. All the services you have provided for us…have been done timely, correctly and handled with the utmost professionalism. I would highly recommend your services to any business or individual.”

“Additionally, I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to enjoy a personal relationship with you as well as a business relationship. The time and interest you have shown my family has resulted in many blessings for us. Your advice on the purchase of my residence and how to manage the wealth that I have been blessed with has made a tremendous difference in my family’s ability to truly enjoy our lives.”

“I would not only recommend to anyone to allow you to mentor them, as you so kindly did to me, but would pray that they are fortunate enough to have a personal relationship with you.”

Mike B.
VitalCheck – Nashville, TN


"I have known John Thomas both personally and professionally for over 40 years. John is not only a trusted friend, but has also handled my personal and professional tax matters for these 40 years. During many of these years, some of my finances were very complex in nature having purchased into a transportation company that had yearly revenues in excess of $100 million. John provides personalized service, is easily accessible and has a high level of expertise. I would recommend John for all tax and accounting work whether large or small."

C. Turner
Investor – Memphis, TN

View John’s curriculum vitae here.


When experience counts…you can count on John.”

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